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Understanding new realities, to secure successful retirements

Today, new social and economic realities call for new ways to help people fund successful retirements. And unlocking property wealth is fast becoming a trusted and reliable way to achieve those goals. After all, £3.8tn is held in property wealth across the UK.

 Increasingly, people are using equity release to do just that. By 2021, it’s estimated that equity release will account for £8.4bn in later life lending.

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Why pensions alone aren’t enough. Today’s retirement realities.

Longer lives, longer retirements

As life expectancies continue to rise, people will need more money to maintain their standard of living through a longer retirement. And as the population continues to age, more people will come to rely on a pension system that is stretched thin.

Smaller pensions, more funding gaps

The pensions industry says that the standard 8% of earnings saved into a pension may not be enough to fund a full retirement. That means, coupled with longer lives, many people retiring today will not have enough to fund a full retirement.

Later home ownership, more debt in later life

Today people are buying homes later in life, meaning they are retiring with more debt than previous generations. By 2029, it’s estimated that unsecured debt held by people over 55 will total £548bn, and pensions alone will not make up the shortfall.

Caring for two generations at once

To add to the financial strain put on today’s over-55s, many are still required to help their adult children or grandchildren financially, as well as support the provision of social care for their parents.

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Q4 saw the highest amount of equity released in 2019 but year-on-year plan sales and value released dropped West Midlands, Northern Ireland, Wales and the North West continued to expand, Key’s 2019 Equity Release Market Monitor shows

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First time buyer boom drives older borrower mortgage enquiries

Advisers see a surge in over-55 enquiries for options to help children and grandchildren onto the property ladder

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Later Life Lending Market set to Almost Double in Next 10 Years

In 2019, over-55s will owe £295bn, rising to £397bn in the next five years

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Bank of gran and grandad expands student lending

More than one in three have helped or plan to help grandchildren with university costs

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Key Group creates new Director of Technology role

Key Group, the leading Preston-based specialist provider of financial solutions to the over-55’s, has promoted Jack Neary to Group Technology Director.

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